Slam! Tampa Dress Code

The appearance of the members of the SLAM Tampa and SLAM Tampa Elementary
family is of paramount importance to us as we believe good appearance is fundamental
to good character development and success. SLAM students are expected to come to
school in uniform every day.
The following is the 2023-2034 uniform policy that will be strictly enforced at SLAM Tampa
and SLAM Tampa Elementary. Students will be required to follow this policy, and failure to
do so will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.
The uniform standards are as follows:
SLAM Polos: School issued polos with SLAM embroidered logo. Polo colors are as follows:
• Elementary (K – 5): Red
• Middle School (6 – 8): Gray
• High School (9 -12): Black
The uniform shirts are sold by the school’s recommended vendor. All shirts must be
correctly tucked inside the pants at all times and secured in place with the belt. Note:
School issued polo shirts MUST be worn under cold weather gear.
• Boys: khaki pants or shorts.
• Girls: khaki pants, shorts, or skorts.
Bottoms can be purchased through school’s recommended vendor or at department
stores. Pants and shorts must be worn at waist level. No joggers, biker shorts, athletic
pants, sweatpants, leggings, or jeans. Loose or low pants are not acceptable nor are skin
tight pants, shorts, or skorts acceptable. Shorts and skorts must not be shorter than 2
inches above the knee. Additionally, bottoms should be without rips or holes.
Belts: Black, brown, or white only. Belts must be worn at all times and must be fastened
securely at waist level
Shoes: Shoes must be closed toe and laces must be worn and fastened tightly at all times.
No shoes without full backs are permissible (i.e. crocs, sandals, and slides are not
PE Uniforms: All students in grades 6 through 12 are expected to wear school issued PE
uniform. In addition to the t-shirt and mesh shorts, students are expected to wear socks
and tennis shoes. Students who do not dress out are still required participate in PE, given
they have appropriate shoes; however, their grade will be negatively impacted for the
day. Students may not wear PE uniform during the school day.
Cold Weather Gear: School issued crew neck sweatshirt, or raglan zip up with SLAM
embroidered logo.
Note: School issued polo shirts MUST be worn under cold weather gear.
Coats, jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts (including hoodies) that are not a part of the
school issued uniform are not permitted to be worn during the school day. This includes all
athletic and club sponsored gear.
In addition, students must adhere to the following:
•All uniforms must be clean and pressed at all times. Good grooming of hair, skin and
fingernails is expected at all times.
•Jewelry: Chains must be worn inside of shirts and are not to be visible.
•Headwear: No disruptive headwear; No hats, scarves, durags or bandanas of any color.
Headgear that is part of a team uniform is allowed for sports events only. Religious
exceptions will apply.
•Hair: The style is a parenting decision but the inclusion of items into the hair will meet the
following restrictions; If the hair includes any items or symbols that can be interpreted as
advocating anything the item will be removed. Students may not groom themselves at
school. Hairbrushes, combs and other items used outside of the restroom will be
•Accessories: No buttons, keychains, tags, or labels may be worn on the school uniform
unless approved by the administration.
•No writing on school uniforms or school approved apparel will be permitted.
•No writing in any body part that is visible will be permitted.
On designated spirit days, students are permitted to wear jeans and school spirit shirts for
$2.00. Jeans may not have holes, rips, or fraying. Students who do not pay $2.00 are
expected to be in full uniform.
On designated days, students are permitted to dress down for $5.00. No Crocs, flip flops,
crop tops, ripped jeans, or pajama pants may be worn.
Students who are not in compliance with the school uniform policy will not be permitted
into the classroom. If a student reports to school without the proper uniform, the student
will call home for the parent to provide the correct uniform. Students who are not in
compliance with the uniform policy shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary measures
in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct.